Kefalonia, Greece I

I also posted some photos from the Greek island  Kefalonia, the island of my ancestors from my father’s side. I am stunned every year by the beauty of this island, moved by the hospitality, generosity and helpfulness of its people. This is to thank them for all they have given to me and special thanks to my father. I love you.

Ich habe noch ein paar Fotos von Kefalonia eingestellt, der Insel, von der meine griechischen Vorfahren stammen.


31 thoughts on “Kefalonia, Greece I

  1. What a joy to visit Kaphalonia again through your images, they are all beautiful! You are very fortunate to be able to call this island your ancestral home. Thank you, thank you!

    • thanks for your compliments. My love to this island and it’s people is expressed by my photos. Hope you can come again to see more of Kefalonia. greetings Mitza

    • thanks a lot for all your helping comments. I sometimes edit my photos with GIMP, but I will try to see if the foto gets better without the trees in the front. I have studied art and know a bit about the golden ratio. I take care of this when I make photos. Greece really is beautiful and the people are, too. thanks for your comments, have a nice week-end.

    • thank you so much for your compliment. I see this island with the eyes of love and a good eye for a fine composition. Wishing you a nice week-end, regards, Mitza

  2. What beautiful images. I have a fascination with doors so I really enjoyed seeing all your pics of them. Greece is such a beautiful place–I hope to visit more of it soon.

    • thanks a lot. I am really happy that I found somebody who likes doors, too. You are right, Greece has a lot of beautiful places. Hope you can go there soon. regards, Mitza

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