views of decay


47 thoughts on “views of decay

    • You one of few persons that are able to feel the emotional depth of my paintings. I can only express myself by art. I’m very happy that you like this. Regards Mitza

    • Thank you so much again for your wonderful words. A Russian proverb says: Nice words are like a spring-day. There’s spring today for me. Regards Mitza

    • Yes, I do these. My blog name “dreimalkunst” means 3 kinds of arts, as I draw, make jewellery and make photos. I’m very happy you like my works. I do a lot of handicraft at home like sewing and knitting etc. Is your name Gaia? I would like to know it. Regards from cold Germany, Mitza

      • Hi Mitza, my name is actually Agnes, but Gaia I picked because it being the name of the earth and when I started my blog I was intending to write mainly about my garden, about the soil and the plants etc…. Here it is still quite mild though there was frost during the night. Keep warm!

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