time to say goodbye

Time to say goodbye…

Dear friends, dear followers and all that have been interested in my blog dreimalkunst.wordpress.com.

I’m very sad that the memory capacity of this blog is full. I don’t want to delete anything in this blog because I like all my posts as a complete artwork. Therefore I have decided to open a new blog with the name madebymitza.wordpress.com and would be very happy if you would follow me there, too, for photos about Kefalonia/Greece, macro-photos of flowers, old doors, old houses, our garden, my drawings/paintings and my jewellery etc.

I want to thank all of you for wonderful comments, appreciation, kind words and even friendship. Special thanks to Ellen, Judie, Natalie, Thomas Peace, Stefanie, Alexandra, Eva, Agnes, Mila, Karen, Daniel etc., etc.

I hope to see you in my new blog “madebymitza.wordpress.com” which will start soonest possible.

Have a wonderful Advent time, a Merry X’mas and see you, best regards


82 thoughts on “time to say goodbye

  1. I’ll look for the new site. I have a suggestion on your new site. Set your images to 1024 X 768 or smaller and save them as web images that are 100 Kb or smaller. They still look great on the screen, but they won’t fill up your free space so quickly. I’ve been on WP since May 2011 with over 1300 posts, and thousands of photos, and I’ve used up only 12% of the 3GB I have available.

  2. Liebe Mitza!! Ich freue mich au deinen neuen Blog. Habe dich schon abonniert!! Ich würde es auch nicht übers Herz bringen, meine Bilder zu löschen. Wünsche dir einen schönen 2. Advent. Alles Liebe Stefanie

    • Das ist wirklich so lieb von Dir und allen anderen, dass sie mir so treu folgen. Ich bin ganz gerührt. Alles Liebe aus dem regnerischen Hamburg. Mein neuer Post ist schon bei dem anderen blog drin.

    • Thomas, thanks a lot for your always kind and intelligent comments, which I enjoy a lot as well as your wonderful photos which have changed my attitude towards insects a bit. You don’t look like an “old door” and maybe I’m even an older door than you are, hehe. Have a lovely Sunday, best regards Mitza

  3. Hello dear Mitza 😀 I just followed your new blog and looking forward to your posts there! 3GB sound like too much space but i guess if you upload high resolution files it can get full fast. I hope you get all your previous and many more new followers on your new blog! 😀 Have an amazing upcoming week! Many greetings from the rainy Vienna! ~ love Alex

    • Dear Alexandra, dear half-compatriot. Thanks a lot for following me to my new post. Yes, I will look if I can upload a little lower resolution. But I have to learn this first. Here it’s raining, too and ugly weather. I heard in Greece it was still quite warm some days ago. I’m freezing and need some warm thoughts, hehe. Have a wonderful evening and good luck for everything, love Mitza

      • You need to resize the photos in an editing program, it’s not hard to do, i’m sure you will find how 🙂 If you need help you can always send me a message! Yes, weather in Greece is really nice from what i hear as well…15C and sun…sounds like summer to me! In Vienna it’s mostly gray and rainy and temperature from 1C-4C…But oh well, we cannot have everything!

  4. Oh, so sad. Going to go to your new blog right now. I look forward to new posts and am glad you are not stopping blogging. Thanks for your greeting. I have enjoyed your blog so much with all its many different posts– all so creative. Warmest regards, Ellen

  5. I found out that you just have to pay to add more space. That’s what I’ve been doing. Once a year. I didn’t know it was the same thing until my daughter told me. So I just buy space:) Ta da. LOL Good luck in your new endeavor:)

  6. Happy to hear you got a new blog and you will manage the picture sizes in a more efficient manner to get more space out of it! I’m heading straight to your new site, hardly can wait to see all your upcoming posts! Have a wonderful Advent Sunday!~ Eva

  7. I was so worried when I read you first line and thought you were leaving. I’m so glad you are just starting up another blog which by the way I just followed. I would have missed you and your photos a lot! I have you have a wonderful Christmas season too, Mitza!!! Love and hugs, Natalie 🙂 ❤

  8. Thank you very much indeed for your wonderful, and delightful blog, I have every intention of following you to your new blog and I am looking forward to seeing you there. 🙂

  9. Hey i don’t know if i am following your new blog !!! I hope so because your pictures are amazing 🙂 I don’t know al the names from my followers so i look if i follow you !!!
    Greetz Nancy

    • Well, I am following you, but I don’t know if you are following me, hehe. Thanks for your approval regarding my photos. Hope you will folllow me. your photos are very beautiful, too. Greetings Mitza

      • Yep i am following you now 🙂 sometimes i look at some blogs who liked some stuff from me but and don’t look if i following them !!! big mistake from me 🙂 I have my blog maybe 6 months now that i really take (beautiful) pictures 🙂 but i have other work to do also but looking at my blog I have other hobby’s too but now i’m glad i look and follow you !!!
        Greetz nancy from belgium and sorry for my englisch 🙂

      • Hi Nancy, thanks for following me now. Great that you take beautiful photos now and blog them. Of course everybody has some other works to do. If you can speak German we can communicate in German, my French is not so good and maybe you don’t speak Greek, hehe. Greets from Germany, Mitza

  10. Will follow there. I’m doing away with all comments but thought I’d leave you a little note to let you know. Please let me know when your new page premiers. Your art is beautiful and so very inspiring to me.

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