Autumn – flowers and seeds in macro

Under the dark grey wings of the Cherubim
my world is sad and dead –
and the ground is wrapped in dirty cotton veils –
There’s a mystical numb silence all over –
Spiders are weaving diamond laces out of dew –
Bald trees are gently swaying in the breeze
like skeletons striving for eternity –
A golden leaf is silently falling on wet moss
– the final dance of the dead –
Windswept ravens are dashing through the sky
rasping ugly words –
One last timid rosebud which doesn’t dare to unfurl yet
looks like a sad dream in opaque fancy paper –
Everything falls and decays and looks for redemption –
How long will it last? How long will it last?

67 thoughts on “Autumn – flowers and seeds in macro

  1. Your macro photos are exquisite and I just love the words of your poem, how vivid it describes what goes on in nature this time of the year, beautiful!

    • I’m really glad you like my photos and the words of my poem. I used my new camera (Canon g1x) for the first time with 2 additional lenses, together 9 diopter. I think this makes the photos look a bit mystical because they are only pin sharp in a very small area. I had to do this poem because of the dark weather here. Have a wonderful week-end, regards Mitza

      • Thank you, and the new camera looks like great equipment. I use a Fujifilm FinepixS8100 its got 18x optical zoom and 10.0 megapixels. I’ve been thinking of buying something where I can get extra lenses as I like to do macro a lot, and zoom into things. We’ll see. You have a lovely weekend too, raining here in Ireland and misty.

      • My old camera is a Sony Cybershot, a very basic one, but you can go close up to 4 cm without using a lense. It’s very light and easy to handle and the photos are really good. The Canon is much more difficult to handle but the photos are more pin sharp. Ireland is not too far away from us in Northern Germany. Regards Mitza

  2. A beautiful poem for the season so well matched to the photos. The new camera has done very well in your hands. I love this season even though my old bones complain bitterly of the changing weather and cold. There is something about the seasons that are so closely tuned to our lives that gives me pause to observe. I find myself in every phase. I’m glad that I can see the beauty in all of it.

    • Thank you, Daniel. You are still so young, how can your bones be old and complain? I really envy you for finding yourself in every phase. I get depressions from this dark weather. Maybe my heart is Greek and needs sun.

      • Yes, we do have those melancholies in the cold dark weather but then sometimes the colors of fall and bright monochromes of winter can be very beautiful and uplifting, especially after some nice play outside.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous macros, Mitza!! Really so creative in perspective and approach!! And I love the poem except you sound so sad. Winter has its beauty, too. Have a great weekend. Will write soon, warmest regards, Ellen

    • No, the answer is not really correct. It might last until April or May. Then we have warmth and sun again, Thomas. But everything is going in cycles since the world exists. We are born and decay and nature has springtime and winter. If the weather wouldn’t be that ugly here, so dark and grey, I could stand it much better. Have a nice week-end, regards Mitza

  4. A very lovely post Mitza. Words and pictures both. I think you should become one of my interview subjects on The Displaced Nation. If you are interested let me know because I don’t see a way to email you. James

    • Hi James, you can use the email-address stated in my “about”. Please tell me a bit more about it and what you want to know about me. I don’t really want to be mentioned with my full name. Is that any problem? And thanks a lot for liking my post, James. Have a nice week-end, regards Mitza

    • I feel really a bit pampered by all these nice comments from other bloggers – and you specially, Alexandra, because you are a photographer. Thanks a lot to all of you. It’s good to feel that my work is being esteemed. By the way these photos were made with my new camera. Warm regards Mitza

    • Vielen Dank. Meine neue Kamera ist ein wenig komplizierter als die alte, weil ich 2 Linsen brauche für macros. Man muss schon sehr still stehen, um es noch scharf zu bekommen. Manchmal gelingt das nicht. Aber fotografieren macht Spaß. Schönen Sonntag noch, Gruß Mitza

    • Karen, I don’t know what to say. Very few people understand what I want to express and what I am. You are one of the very few. Thank you so much and have a wonderful day. Regards Mitza

    • Will try my best, Karen. Right now there’s not much to photograph, as everything is decaying and it is terribly cold and windy outside. I got still some hundreds of photos with my old camera from Greece etc. Looking forward to your new posts, regards Mitza

    • Thanks a lot for your approval. I just took a look into your wonderful blog. I was specially interested in your photos from Greece. Your macros are fantastic, too. Thanks a lot for visiting and have a wonderful day, regards Mitza

    • Thanks a lot, John. Sometimes I get the blues and then I start to create poems. And I prefer to do it in English, even though it’s not my mother tongue. But my favorite language. Have a wonderful day, regards Mitza

      • I’m so glad you write in English (me being sadly mono-lingual) – you do a really beautiful job. I was going to say I’m glad you get the blues too but really what I mean is that I’m glad you are enabled to create your poems! Thank you, John

      • I learned 5 languages just for your information. Unfortunately, I get the blues quite often. Then I paint, do jewellery, photograph or create poems. That’s the only thing that helps. Hope you got a good remedy against the blues, too. (Listening to the blues is nice, too) Have a wonderful day, regards Mitza

  5. My solution is similar to yours I think! – channel the energy into something creative – at once the focus becomes the object of creation, an expression. I play the piano (blues amongst it) or write or embark on some photoshop project – but nature is a wonderful therapist for me too! Have a lovely day, John

  6. Dear friend Mitza, Shabbat Shalom and a Happy Shavuot to you and yours! Hope the weather will continue very friendly in Hamburg. Take care and hugs to you. 🙂 Fabio

    • Thank you, dear Fabio, I can only return your nice wishes. The weather has turned more cold here, lets hope for some more warmth in the next days. Take care, kind regards Mitza

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