Old doors – Kefalonia – Greece – V

Here are some more old doors from Kefalonia. They are still from our last year’s holiday. This year I took a lot of pictures, too. More than 900, and probably half of them are aged doors. Once I asked my Greek girl-friend if she wanted to make a stroll through our little town Lixouri with me. She agreed happily. Then I started to photograph all these decayed doors and she looked at me, as if I was crazy or nuts. She asked me: why do you take pictures of all these ugly run-down doors? And then she showed me a new plastic one and said: Look, this one is really beautiful! Then I looked at her as if she was crazy. How can anybody like these ugly new doors? They don’t have a “soul”, no story to tell, not these wonderful pastel colors, that I love so much. I will continue with these decaying doors because I know there are a lot of people who love them, too. And – by the way – I don’t care if I’m considered to be weird because of that.

55 thoughts on “Old doors – Kefalonia – Greece – V

  1. Doors and windows are our eyes on the world – past and present. Plastic is the new kid on the block; not enough experience with the world yet. Your pictures are inspiring, and I like the new presentation with the slideshow. But if one doesn’t finalize and post the comment before viewing the slideshow, the comment disappears!

    We have some cloud cover here today; hope it will clear up. Much prefer our usual bright sunshine.

    Virtual hugs,

    Judie < — door and window lover !!!

    • Hi Judie, hope you are fine and your husband, too. Did you have a nice trip? Thanks for liking my old doors. I made a fault with the presentation and corrected it now. We have some akward weather, always dark grey but still quite warm, about 11 degrees C. I enjoy biking in every weather and my husband is working in our garden. Virtual hugs, Mitza, have a wonderful week-end.

  2. Great pics, one of the nicest photos I made when visiting Naxos were of the doors there, I think these doors could tell many a story if they were able. I love the one of yours with the for sale sign, I almost feel like I’d fancy buying it 🙂 Thanks, enjoyed your post.

    • thanks a lot for your comment. These doors really could tell us a lot of stories. I thought the sale sign was really funny because who wants to buy such a decayed house? Have a nice Sunday, regards Mitza

    • Hi Judie, several days ago I wrote an email to you. Did you get it? I’m sad to hear that there are a lot of snags which thwart your departure. Having the goal in sight might be a first step to do it. I hope you are fine and wish you a wonderful Sunday, virtual hugs, Mitza

      • Yes – got the email. Every day i think there will be time to answer. I am hoping for today, but it is special breakfast day today! Poached eggs, pancakes, snd all the trimmings! But i will find the time! ;->

      • this sounds great – as usual . Take your time and enjoy your life with your husband and your wonderful food. Many greetings from Germany, regards Mitza

  3. I am with you 100%!! Old decaying doors have a beauty all their own and you capture that beauty expertly!! Really impressive. YOU could make a book of your Greek doors!! I’d buy it!! Lovely work and an expert eye!! Thank you also for
    your email. I wish you were in NYC so we could meet. We share so many things– interests, fears, ideas about beauty. Well, glad to correspond at least. Will answer soon. Warmest regards, Ellen

    • Dear Ellen, always happy to hear from you. Wish, too, that we could meet one day. Have a wonderful week in NY. We have this ugly grey weather here, terrible. warmest regards

  4. I agree with you, Mitza. The old doors have a soul and have witnessed many things they reflect back in their age. Wonderful pictures. We are having record cold here now so our doors are closed up tight and I am only peeking out from the window to see when it will snow.

    • Hi Daniel, thanks for liking my photos. I saw in tv about your record cold. I’m happy to be here with about 9 degrees C and sun today. Maybe it’s a good time to make some more of your wonderful poems. I’m just working on one, too. Regards Mitza

      • With a good bottle of red wine sitting by a nice fireplace, listening to some fantastic music is one of the nicest things I could imagine. And then you let your thoughts wander…..:)

      • are you still sober? hehe . Why not take a look at my latest poem/photos with my new camera Canon g1x??? I’m just listening to Stevie Ray Vaughn and longing for a fireplace. Today it’s ugly outside, very foggy. I’m happy I didn’t overrun anybody with my bike. By the way, I heard something squeak, hehe

  5. Your friend doesn’t have good taste, no offense! 😛 You are not weird Mitza…I think anyone who appreciates art can appreciate these old doors, not only for their story and their soul, but their unique designs and craftsmanship that is lost today! Keep shooting the doors 😉

    • Yeah, Alexandra, I’m happy to find a soulmate in Vienna, hehe. I love these wonderful pastel colors, the design and craftsmanship, as you said. I just want to memorialize these blacksmiths. I’m happy to hear from you, thanks for your approval and have a wonderful Sunday, warm regards Mitza

  6. Oh, you are not weird. I totally agree with you with you, old doors, windows… Everything with a history of its own has a great beauty. It opens up for an individual interpretation, it is like a reading a book, you create places and characters in your mind.

    • nobody could have said it better than you. You really took the words right out of my mouth. Thanks a lot for visiting and liking my blog. Have a Merry S’mas, regards Mitza

  7. I just loved your feed. The doors photographed by you are really amazing 🙂 Looking forward to see more 🙂

  8. Beautiful photos! You’ve captured the true beauty of Kefalonia’s culture perfectly through your photos of all the doors! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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