Little visitors in our garden IV

My favorite time of the year is summer. Evrything is blooming, the garden is imbued with busy insects, beautiful butterflies and singing birds. A fine sensuous fragrance of roses, that I love so much, is in the air and attracts a lot of little visitors, which you can see here. Sometimes they are rather small and hard to find, but they are there. Just take a good look.

47 thoughts on “Little visitors in our garden IV

    • Thanks, Thomas. It really was a dragonfly nymph but it had emerged already. I knew you would like it, hehe. Have a wonderful day, I always enjoy your blog-photos. Regards Mitza

    • Having a garden is like having a little world for yourself and you can be the “creator”. We have a lot of insects as we don’t use anything poisenous. Hope you are feeling fine, virtual hugs Mitza

  1. Beautiful! The magic behind macro is that you always find something that you would normally not notice…Little visitors exist everywhere, you just have to look for them 😉 Very nice post Mitza, love the colors in some of the shots!

  2. Love your blog, gorgeous photos and thanks for “liking” my blog post! Wasn’t sure from your “About” but assume you live in Greece! I’m the other side of the ocean.

    • It was a pleasure visiting your blog and thanks for liking my blog, too. I’m living in Northern Germany but one month every year I live in Greece. I send you good wishes to the other side of the ocean, whatever this means. Mitza

    • Thanks so much. Even though it’s not big (300 sqm) there are lots of interesting plants and visitors. Thank you for visiting my blog regularly and liking it. Have a wonderful day, regards Mitza

    • thanks for your comment. You might not have a lot of green spaces there, but probably it’s much warmer in Mumbai than here in Northern Germany, where it is 3 degrees C. Thanks for visiting my blog and have a nice day, regards Mitza

      • Ahhh yes it’s not just warm …but hot and humid …but I can’t imagine surviving in that low a temperature ! Have a nice day !

    • Well, it’s not so easy. I use a camera with two close-up lenses and in front I hold a magnifier. I have to concentrate a lot not to move because then everything is blurred. Try a little more and thanks for your kind words. Regards Mitza

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