Old doors – Kefalonia/Greece IV

In the last months I have photographed hundreds of doors for all other bloggers who like them, too. Here are some more from Greece.

42 thoughts on “Old doors – Kefalonia/Greece IV

    • Dear Ellen, thank you for your lovely words. If you would know how many photos I still have to blog! I became a door-maniac in the last months. Have a wonderful day, hope you are fine, warmest regards Mitza

    • Hi Judie, thank you for your nice words. A trip to Greece is really a trip to culture of thousands of years. Hope you are fine, will answer your mail soon, virtual hugs Mitza

  1. Another great collections with doors! 😀 It never gets boring, it’s amazing all the beautiful doors you can find! Hope you are doing well Mitza! Many greetings from Vienna 😀

    • Hi Alexandra, I was really missing you and hope very much that you are in good spirits and maybe found a good job already? Thanks for liking my doors. It’s nearly an obsession to look for them and there are really enough in Kefalonia. I photographed hundreds and still it is not boring. Have a wonderful day, warm regards Mitza

      • Awww, that is really sweet from you Mitza! 🙂 Now that i have finally found a place to stay, i am concentrating on finding a good job as well. I’m doing some freelance stuff for now but i’m certain that i will find something stable soon 😀 I do feel very well and the funny thing is that i feel a lot more comfortable here than i ever did in Greece…Couldn’t be happier with my choice to move here! 😀 You have a great day too and please keep posting your awesome shots!

  2. These are so entrancing…..I love how you’ve invited us in thru the ‘doors’ 🙂 I’m a big fan of the naples yellow/blue combo! wish one day I could go to Greece. But til then, I get to look at Your Lovely Pics !

    • I’m really happy that you liked my doors and the colors. I hope you can go to Greece once. You will see a sky so blue like nowhere else. Up to then I will show you from time to time the beauties of Greece. Have a wonderful Sunday, regards Mitza

  3. Hallo taphian, I love your photos and I love the portrait old doors of Kefalonia. Greece is full of suggestions. I try to portray the balcony in Portugal. I call the article “balconi sgarrupati” as a joke, where sgarrupati mean, in neapolitan dialect, very poor and destroy… 🙂

    • Thanks a lot for liking my photos. Yes, Greece has a lot of beauty to photograph. I’m looking forward to your “balconi sgarrupati”. Have a wonderful week-end, regards Mitza

      • Hallo Mitza…balconi sgarrupati is in the history of my blog. In january 2015. Have a beautiful evening. Paolo

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