Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art

Having seen and photographed during years so many things of beauty in Kefalonia, I would really like to publish a book with my photos from this ravishing island in the Mediterranean. This photo should be the cover. It shows exactly the unique, gorgeous, turquoise colors of the sea there. Wouldn’t you just like to go there and jump into the water? That’s the aim of my cover art.DSC08094

27 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art

    • Thanks, Alexandra. I could publish at least 5 books about old doors in Kefalonia. But if you love something this love might flow into your photo. Hope you are fine and hope you will succeed soon to find a job. Have a wonderful Sunday, regards Mitza

    • I’m glad you liked my post Cover Art. This is in Greece, an island called Kefalonia, which is between Italy and Greece the biggest island. Hope you can see it next year. I have some more photos from this beautiful island in my blog. Take a look. Regards Mitza

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