Autumn – seeds and mushrooms

We had the warmest October since weather records this year, but still it’s getting autumn. Leaves are changing colors, trees and flowers are yielding seedpods in various beautiful and amazing shapes. Geese and cranes are flying in huge numbers to the south and leave me alone with my yearning for summer. Here are some autumnal photos from our garden.

58 thoughts on “Autumn – seeds and mushrooms

  1. So pretty! Are those all in your own yard? What a treat to be able to see so many beautiful “pictures” in one place. I always love snails and mushrooms together. I have a picture like that of my own that I love. I took it thirteen years ago, and still remember it clearly. I watched the mushroom grow and then fade into a puddle. So fun! I may have put it on my blog at one time. I should go look! ;->

    Virtual hugs,


    • Thanks Alexandra. Maybe I should look for a job as a photographer, too, hehe. I’m sure Vienna has a lot of wonderful old art nouveau buildings to photograph. Warm greetings from the North, Mitza

    • Dear Ellen, thanks a lot for your mental support in my blog. In the last 3 years I made 9000 photos and learned a lot, also processing them etc. But the most important is always the composition and the golden ratio. hehe. Hope you are fine or even better and hope to hear from you, warmest regards Mitza

  2. Dear Mitza, Thank you for following my blog. The images on here are fantastic – you have a strong eye for composition, texture and colour. Have you done a book of your photos? .

    • It was a pleasure visiting your blog and thanks for visiting mine. When I do photos I do take care about composition, texture and color because I studied arts many years ago. (there are some drawings in my blog, too) Up to now I haven’t done a book yet. Don’t even know how I should do it. Have a nice day, regards Mitza

    • I’m happy you liked my post. It’s from our garden. Autumn is not my favorite season but it has a lot of colors and beauty. I wish you a Happy Easter, regards Mitza

  3. Wow, gorgeous photos and details Mitza! I love the beauty in the details of nature. My cell phone won’t capture these details. A better camera is on my wish list! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your beauty and passion for nature. Brad

  4. Dear Mitza,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am very grateful that you did, because it made me come to this beautiful and amazing place you have created! Your photos are so wonderful and I look forward to exploring your blog more. You are a very talented artist/photographer!

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