After the rain – flowers in macro II

I still have some photos from early summer of this year from our garden. I hope you like them.


28 thoughts on “After the rain – flowers in macro II

  1. Beautiful as always, Mitza. Yes, the beautious melancholy. I am so sorry I have not written. Tom and I are sick with stomach flu since last week. Tom cannot drive us home to the city– we rest in the beautiful Fall upstate but cannot partake except by looking out the window. Yet this is good. Will answer your email when better. Warmest regards, Ellen

    • Dear Ellen, thanks for your nice words. I’m sorry to hear that you are sick. Take a rest in your beautiful barn and enjoy the autumn leaves in your garden. Thanks a lot for your mail. Our weather is quite warm but we didn’t see any sun for days and that makes me a bit melancholic. Warmest regards Mitza

    • Thanks, Alexandra for your always sweet comments. I don’t know why but I like my flower-photos best of all. But I made some really good ones from Kefalonia. How’s Vienna? How do you feel in this different surrounding? It’s always good to try something new when you are young. Enjoy your time. Regards Mitza

      • I think it just shows that you really put your heart in doing these photos, they are really beautiful! 🙂 I’m still very positive about being here, even though i encountered too many difficulties already and i don’t hear anything encouraging from Viennese people…I mostly get the “what where you thinking to come here? things are really bad…”, I guess they cannot imagine how bad it is in Greece…I’ve been looking at adds for work…and there are some positions for photographers with 2.000euro pay each month…In Greece if i could make 400 euros i would jump from joy…So if i could make even just 1.000 here, which is lower than the lowest recommended pay…i’d be ecstatic! I learned to live with so little, i guess they cannot comprehend that… I try to stay positive and stay focused on finding a job soon…everything else will fall into place slowly 🙂

      • Alexandra, I think it is really very difficult to find a job as a photographer also here in Germany. It’s good that you are positive. Probably looking for a job in Vienna can be a hard time first. These people are not really welcoming foreigners and Vienna is a bit morbid. But still think when you are in a valley you can begin to climb a mountain. You have opened a door to a new chapter in your life, and let’s see what comes now. Good luck, regards Mitza

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