Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

Signs are very important in our modern life. It is interesting to see different signs from all over the world. Signs can be colorful, helpful, beautiful, meaningful, misunderstood, confusing, understandable, senseless, distracting, annoying, funny etc. I made some photos in Greece from different signs. The sign with the hand means “here”. The funniest sign is the blue and white place-name sign. The translator made a fault. Instead of Mantzavinata he wrote Mad-zavinata, which gives it a meaning that mad people are living there. The butcher wanted to make it really clear that he is a Greek butcher, putting the flag on his sign.


24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

  1. I love signs, too! These are so beautifully colorful. Love the bright blue. I can’t read them, of course, but in the last one, I’m guessing that they serve ouzo. In looking up “ouzi” and “ouzo”, I see they are two entirely different things – that shouldn’t be confused with each other. ;->

    Virtual hugs,


  2. Hi! Actually “ouzeri” comes from the word ouzo (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ouzo), which comes from the turkish word üzüm (as it is said here: http://el.wiktionary.org/wiki/%C3%BCz%C3%BCm ) . I also read here ( http://kounopetra.weebly.com/mualphanutauzetaalphabetaiotanu940taualpha.html ) that Mantzavinata comes from two italian words: mangiare (to eat) + vino (wine). I come from Kefalonia, and every August, locals hold a wine festival in Mantzavinata.
    Moreover, many butchers in Greece write the origin of their products because it is quite usual for the butchers to import meat from other countries. Finally, the sign with the showing hand means “here”. In greek “here” can be used when we show something, instead of “there”, but the shown thing should be visible if you look at the direction shown.
    Nice post! I enjoyed it a lot!

    • Thanks a lot for your comment. Being half-Kefalonian (from Mantzavinata!) I have visited the wine festival once because we usually go in September. I am able to speak and read Greek. Thank you for taking your time to explain things to some other bloggers. From where do you come? Best regards to my compatriot, regards Mitza

      • Hi Helen, I just returned from a month of Lixouri. We have some friends there, close to the gymnasium. I have a lot of photos from Kefalonia in my blog. If you like, take a look. Have a nice day, gia sou, Mitza

  3. Hi Judie, thanks for your support to my blog and your likes. The sign says ouzeri which means that it’s a place where they serve a lot of different kinds of ouzo. Ouzi is a machine gun from Israel. These two shouldn’t be mixed, even though drinking too much ouzo can be very bad, too.
    Virtual hugs Mitza

    • Yes, Alexandra, but funny and loveable, too. My Greek cousin herself says that Greece is a banana republic, hehe. She might be right. Well, enjoy Austria and the order there. Warm regards Mitza

    • Yes, that’s typical Greece, colorful and loveable. Here in Germany we are probably the world-master of signs but they only tell you what you are allowed/forbidden to do.

    • yes, the sign fits for Pisces. It’s really a colorful, cheerful design for a tavern where you can drink ouzo and have a good time in Greece. Thanks for commenting, have a nice day, regards Mitza

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