Salmon Sunrise

Night is hesitantly drawing away the black curtain –
myriads of stars are drifting into eternity –
Salmon sunrise with yellow fringes running out into aqua blue –
Velvety air emerging from behind the stark grey mountains
like the silky caress of an angel’s wing –
A slight mist on the fields like a forgotten wedding veil –
Millions of diamonds are sparkling on the sea –
Whilst white herons are standing like statues in the surf
emerald kingfishers are plunging like arrows into the deep blue –
A dog is barking from somewhere far away –
An unadorned lark is starting a shy little love-song –
The fleeting scent of Jasmin like the perfume of a Goddess exhales from a huge bush
a tsunami- wave of thousands of little white stars –
The first swallowtails are staggering from flower to flower –
While morning glories silently unfurl their purple-blue ball gown
a lizard is drinking dew-drops from a rose-petal –
Crickets are playing a monotonous violin concerto to salute the first sunbeams –
Divine birth of a new day
There’s a pain in my heart that hurts so much, a pain of beauty
I want to feel this forever and everDSC08261


26 thoughts on “Salmon Sunrise

  1. Breathtaking poetry, Mitza. You are not only a great photographer, jewelry designer and painter, but a talented poet as well. What a beautiful soul! What a beautiful dawn to share with us. Kudos and warmest regards, ellen

    • Thank you so much, dearest Ellen. I just write down what I feel, and being highly sensitive I feel a lot. A compliment from your mouth is really worth a lot and I can see you understand what I want to express, even though it’s a bit hard to do it in a foreign language. I hope I didn’t do any faults? Have a nice week-end, don’t worry, be happy, warmest regards Mitza

      • You expressed yourself and the scene so beautifully. It was breathtaking as I said. I do understand the feelings and perceptions and being highly sensitive do feel a lot but you express it so wonderfully. Hats off to you. And please, don’t give a thought to your English. I wouldn’t change a thing. Grateful to know you, Ellen

    • Thomas, your nice words mean a lot to me. Even though English is not my mother tongue, I really find this language very suitable for poems. When I was in Greece the last month I started writing these words. I hope you are fine, always enjoy your blog. Have a nice week-end, regards Mitza

  2. This poem is beautiful in every detail. Your expressive use of English is flawless. I would never guess it wasn’t your native language if I didn’t know otherwise. The depth of your sensitivity is evident in all the beauty you create. I hope you will share more poetry when it comes to you.

    • Thank you so much, Daniel. Having the name Thalia must lead to some poem, isn’t it? It just came over me like a wave but I couldn’t produce a poem every week. Have a nice Sunday, regards Mitza

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