Old doors – Kefalonia – Greece III

I love old doors and I know that I’m not the only one. Why are we so interested in doors? A closed door is some sort of a mystery that makes us curious. We ask ourselves: who is living in there? How are they living in there etc.?

The opening of a door is a very symbolic act because it means to see something new. Behind these doors I photographed a lot of things might have happened: love and hatred, birth and death, good years and bad years, happyness and despair, violence and harmony etc. and that’s really tickling my fancy. These decaying doors have stories to tell and have a melancholic mood which is similar to mine sometimes, but which I appreciate nevertheless. Life is not only guns and roses and that’s what these doors truly show.  The most important for me are the colors and compositions (if possible in the golden ratio). I love these pastel colors of decay, where the bloom is off the rose. In some houses nature has taken over control again and one door looks as if Picasso has been there with a divine palette full of vivid colors.


30 thoughts on “Old doors – Kefalonia – Greece III

    • Thanks a lot, Thomas, for these links, which I just opened. I know some pictures from Rene Magritte. I own a lot of books by various artists which are very interesting. Thanks for commenting and supporting my blog, Thomas. Have a wonderful week-end, regards Mitza

    • I liked the one with the plants, too. It looks as if it doesn’t get opened very often. Your links are interesting, too. I like the one of the seashore especially.

    • Thanks for your always nice comments, Judie. I hope you will post some of these old-door-photos sooner or later. Do you have old doors where you live? I wish you a wonderful week-end, take care and virtual hugs, regards Mitza

      • I have put up a few. We spent four months in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2003/04, and that city is replete with interesting doors and windows. My camera went nuts! Silver City, New Mexico also has its share, but we were there for only ten days. The plan is to go back – very soon! ;-> Stay tuned.

  1. Your old doors are tres fantastique! I, too, like doors and windows and feel the drama they hide from the outside world. This collection is just wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing and also for your wonderful note. I know you are very busy now so will reply soon. Have a super trip and I will think of you listening to the waves on the beach. Upstate in our little barn right now. A perfect day today. Hugs, Ellen

    • Dear Ellen, thanks for your nice words. Good to know that you are a fan of old doors and windows, too. In New York there must be some beautiful old ones. Maybe you can make a nice poem with some photos. Have some wonderful days in your barn. Virtual hugs, Mitza

  2. Beautiful collection, Mitza! 😀 I especially like the door with the black green yellow and i don’t know how to call the other color 😛 Very interesting combination right there!

    • Hi Alexandra, have you reached your final destination in Austria? How do you feel? Did you find a good appartment and job already? Thanks for liking my old doors. I could spend the rest of my days photographing old doors. I fly to Kefalonia tomorrow and look forward to the blue sky, the wonderful sea, the beautiful people and food. Warm regards Mitza

      • Hello Mitza 🙂
        I will be leaving for Austria in 20 September, there is still some time left 🙂 I’m currently doing all the paperwork, back up my stuff, start packing and all that work that is necessary before a move 🙂
        How lovely 😀 I hope you’ll have some nice summer days to enjoy in Kefalonia. Here September started with rain and storms are coming!

      • When I come back I hope to hear from you. I know you have a lot of work now, but you open another door of your life, not knowing what is behind. I wish you the sun behind, Alexandra.
        Hope we don’t have storm tomorrow. I’m so afraid of flying and the landing strip in Kefalonia is rather short, falling down into the sea – and I can’t swim well etc. Squeeze your thumbs, regards Mitza

      • I will be posting my updates on wordpress 😀 And since i’ll get my computer there too, i’ll post new photos very soon! Thank you so much for all your wishes Mitza! 😀 I have a very positive feeling about this and i will do my best to find a good job and make a life there! I think Kefalonia is out of the storm forecasts, it’s only up here in Halkidiki and Thessaloniki. I wish you a sunny and safe travel! 😀 If you need to swim it will only be if you decide to in some beautiful beach there 😉 All my best to you!

  3. I love the door photos and the door metaphor. Who remembers the last door we opened, the last threshold we crossed, at birth. And you know what is coming next… At the door of death–we all must cross. That door will be opened for us, no?

    • I’m happy you liked my door photos and I really liked your wonderful philosophic words which fit to my post perfectly and which express exactly what I feel. While the door of birth is opened to show us our personal world, the door of death must be closed because we are gone and see something else which might be even more beautiful than our lifes. Have a nice day, regards Mitza

  4. I have just recently started taking pictures of doors and gates, I think I must have been inspired by posts similar to this. Your photos are great and as you say every one holds a story either real or just waiting to be made up. Having seen your post I will feel happier sharing similar photos in future.

  5. I have always been fascinated by old structures and architecture. Old doors are the passage to lives untold, memories unknown, and history unseen. If only they would tell their story of those that passed over the threshold.

    • Yes, Daniel, that’s what I always think and being a woman I’m so very curious to see what has happened or is happening inside. I like the way you write about it. Regards Mitza

  6. lovely photos – the distressed colours are so beautiful and as you say there are stories hidden behind the door or its a portal to another place – it could be a dungeon inside or a palace – you never know. Thank you for sharing.

    • I’m always happy to find others that love these wonderful pastel colors of decay, too, Veronica. In Kefalonia you can find so many of these wonderful doors, a real paradise for me. I looked at hundreds of doors since last years. A weird but satisfying hobby, regards Mitza

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