Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag

The road to paradise can be zigzag.


33 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag

    • Thank you, Alexandra. This is my favorite beach in Kefalonia. But I really start a prayer every time we go down that nobody comes up, hehe.
      Hope you are fine and your plans are in time, have a wonderful day, regards Mitza

  1. Beautiful image, Mitza. I am reminded of my recent journey up such a road, metaphorically. As I began to tire and lose my will to go further on this arduous path, a funny thing happened. A lovely pirate, with an artful soul, appeared beside the path and offered a hand, a smile, a laugh, much encouragement and sent me on my way. I wish to thank her and tell her I made it to the top and found more wondrous things to enjoy as I had a good cup of Kaffee and a nice rest. 馃檪

    • Daniel, I’m so happy to find you in good spirits. Thank you for your wonderful words. In the last weeks I fell into some sort of hole, metaphorically. I’m just trying to climb up again. An old jewish rabbi said: Because the purpose of any descent is always in order to ascend. He must know it. Let’s hope, he’s right. Have a wonderful ascending and day, regards Mitza

      • Mitza, I tried to reply previously but WordPress blew up and my comment disappeared. I took that as a hint to start a new one. I’m sorry to read of your recent struggle. I believe the the Rabbi to be absolutely correct. We ascend to new things away from the darkness that troubles us from time to time. You will as well. Let’s have a Kaffee time and silly wee Willy Nilly will do his Snoopy dance for you and balance a butterfly on his nose. Tell us of the beautiful things you’ve seen and we will all smile for a while. We send you warm hugs to help with your climb back to the light. 馃檪 馃槈

      • Daniel, the thought of you doing a Snoopy dance with a butterfly on your nose is really funny and puts a little smile on my face. Let’s think about Robin Williams who didn’t succeed to climb back to the light and let’s speak more about depression. Wish you a wonderful day with sun in your heart, regards Mitza

      • Yes, I have thought very hard about Robin Williams. He has touched many hearts. His comedy was first rate but he also played many serious roles with equal great talent. We forget that depression has no boundaries. We tend to think people who are successful and have plenty of opportunity don’t suffer in light of their accomplishments, but the opposite is true. The spirit that feels so deeply and enables such talent also suffers the most. As a suicide survivor, I’ve battled depression many times. Only once did I give up but I was spared and have tried to live a meaningful life since. I’ve learned to hold on and to reach out. Sometimes its the smallest gesture that makes the difference. I feel Robin was overlooked. He may not have been able to reach up, he needed someone to reach down to him. It didn’t happen at the critical point where he lost hope. Our loss is great even as he finds peace. It reminds us again that empathy towards each other is the difference between tragedy and a lasting smile.

      • Daniel, your words are very meaningful and helpful to me. Being depressed and being alone is the worst. If you have partners or friends who understand then it’s much easier. I wish this wonderful way you have found for your life to continue up to the last second. By the way, if you want you can use an email-address mentioned in my “about” . I hope, too, that Robin found his peace where is is and maybe God is smiling from his jokes and the sun is shining on you. Regards Mitza

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