Mediterranean flowers, plants and seeds IV

Here are some more flowers, plants and seed-capsules I found in Kefalonia/ Greece. The huge seed-vessel from a Mediterranean magnolia with it’s red seeds is really very beautiful and impressing. I also photographed the seed-capsules of an agave and the beautiful flowers called angel trumpets, as well as the fruits from a strawberry-tree and some roses.


27 thoughts on “Mediterranean flowers, plants and seeds IV

  1. Very beautiful ! I recognize the one fifth from the end as the same flower that we have in the backyard. It is called Desert Bird of Paradise here, and grows basically wild like weeds. They are cut back severely, but then pop right back up again alongside the roadways and in yards. We have several that are in the alley behind the house, so we ran the drip sprinkler system out there to give them water during the dry seasons. I think they would do fine without it, but they reward us with beautiful flowers that make us smile! ;->

    Virtual hugs,


    • Thank you, Judie, for your nice words. You must live in a southern part of the States when you have such flowers as we have in the Mediterranean. It’s very interesting to see what kind of flowers grow in every part of the world. I’m glad you love flowers, too. Virtual hugs, Mitza

  2. We live in the southeast corner of Arizona – not far from the Mexican border. We are in the rainy season right now which helps to mitigate the heat. Altitude is almost a mile high, so it is comfortable most of the year – with a little help, sometimes, from our friend, electricity! ;->

    • that’s really interesting and I suppose it’s very beautiful down there. We live in the very north of Germany close to the Danish border. That’s a completely different climate. But we had weeks of humid hot weather with around 86-90 F, really tropical weather. 🙂

  3. Interesting. I am looking at Google maps to see the area. Is the border between Germany and Denmark the grey line that goes near Aventoft? We have friends in Denmark, but I don’t know exactly which city off hand. I have used Google to find their house – exactly on their street. It is really amazing!

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