Kefalonia, Greece XI

Making a walk in the evening, shortly before the sun falls into the sea is my favourite time for photos. All the mountains on the other side of the island are covered with fluid gold. Time seems to stand still, everything gets a golden touch. Birds are singing yearning songs, the beautiful Mediterranean flowers are emitting a hauntingly beautiful smell. Yellow swallowtails are tumbling from one blossom to another as if they were groggy from love or joy to live in this instant. After the heat people come out of their houses to prepare their boats for fishing or chatting with neighbours on a bench. What a peaceful atmosphere. I want to stop the sun from going down, but how could I? The huge red ball is touching the sea and disappears and I look with favour upon this scene up to the end.  The full moon is clinging to the mountains for some seconds and I go home a bit like being drunk, overwhelmed by the beauty.



26 thoughts on “Kefalonia, Greece XI

  1. What fabulous pictures to go with your splendid description! Makes me want to hop on the next airplane going in that direction. Would love to be able to photograph there!

    Virtual hugs,


    • Judie, thanks for your comment and nice words. I hope that you can make it to Greece sooner or later and make some good photos for your blog. Have a nice week-end, virtual hugs Mitza

  2. Went to Kefalonia years ago, in fact 21 and loved it. We have often thought of going back but was scared it may have changed too much. Wonderful photos. x

    • That’s really interestin, Karen. Everything changes during 21 years. A lot of streets and houses have been built, but you can still find corners to be by yourself and that’s wonderful. Have a nice week-end, regards Mitza

    • Hi Thomas, you are completely right. Having time to balance rocks is very relaxing, some sort of meditation, the only sound being waves coming ashore…. I always enjoy your posts and wish you a nice week-end, regards Mitza

  3. Oh, it is so beautiful there!! Your photos are great and the prose takes us there with you on an ecstatic walk! My favorite time to shoot is sun setting time, too. Love the little lamb and good they have not docked his tail! Warmest regards, Ellen

    • Thank you for your nice words, Ellen. We have so much in common, isn’t it? We have rathe warm and humid weather here and thunderstorms. Hope you have a fantastic week-end, warmest regards Mitza

      • Dear Mitza, Yes, lots in common. A beautiful post you wrote. Hope it cools off there. Beautiful upstate today and tomorrow due to cleansing hurricane yesterday. Hot, humid next week. You have a great weekend, too. Warmly, Ellen

    • thank you, Alexandra. I hope you can visit Kefalonia sooner or later. How’s Greece right now? Hope you can follow your dreams and they come true. Have a nice day, regards Mitza

      • I would really like that 🙂 Greece is depressing…or at least that’s how i see it. It’s nice with the sun and we enjoy the warmth and the sea but it’s very unsettling to know that all the hotels that are full with tourists don’t pay their employees. If anyone gets even 200 euros he’s lucky…I was offered a job at a hotel, 12 hours of work for 400 euros each month…but the hotel was known that it still owes money from last year to the people who worked there, so i didn’t even think of going. I can make the same amount of money by doing 4-5 freelance photography jobs in a month and still have time, not work like a slave for 12 hours…I believe that as soon as the summer ends, things will get even worse here. Good weather kinda fools everyone and keeps a better mood…but when that leaves…

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