La vie en rose V

raindrops on rose petals

like pink tears from angels

a faint touch on my cheek

from a wing

my heart overwhelmed with sadness


41 thoughts on “La vie en rose V

    • thank you so much. It’s really interesting when people see roses that they have a certain smell in their nose, isn’t it? Have a nice week-end, regards Mitza

  1. I have a soft spot for rain-drenched flowers (something I realised in my amateur dabbling in photography through Instagram.
    These are absolutely lovely captures. And, roses – they are the best!
    Thank you for sharing your light and do take care, too 🙂

    • Thanks a lot for your kind words and approval. I love roses, too. It’s a pleasure sharing my photos with other bloggers. Have a nice week-end, regards Mitza

  2. Very beautiful photos Mitza! I swear i could smell the roses from here 🙂 I like how you mixed photos of some that were dying and others who looked very fresh! Very interesting! 🙂

    • Thanks, Alexandra for your kind words. Decay is one of the most important topics in this world and my ambition is to show that there is beauty in decay. Warm regards Mitza

      • 🙂 Nice thinking! I’m also with you on this, that’s why i shoot many things in the city that people don’t even bother to look at because it’s all decay… The Salem mansion is an excellent example. It’s my most viewed post here and after my feature and my photo being on the tv-series American Horror Story cover (without my permission but still…), suddenly many people here remembered that building and realized its beauty 🙂

      • We seem to be some sort of people that see things others don’t see. We see maybe the world in a grain of sand. I feel a bit blessed with this “talent” and you are, too. I’m glad I met you in wordpress.- It’s sometimes not easy to find people that have similar thoughts, regards Mitza

      • Well said! I do feel blessed because i can stop and enjoy the simple and small things around me…As i grow older and meet more people, i see that most never do that… So it is something we must hold on to 🙂 WordPress has indeed proven to be a very nice place and i’m very happy that i decided to create my blog here. In about a month it will be a year of being here 🙂 One of the best decisions i ever made! Sending you my best regards and wishes for a very lovely day! 😀

  3. Mitza- these are beautiful photos of lovely old roses! I can almost smell their fragrance from here!
    Lovely words too. There is a sadness which accompanies roses as they fade and their petals fall…… lovely.

    • Thank you so much, Karen, for your always nice words. Life’s not all guns and roses. My topic is to show the decay and the beauty that lies within it, and, believe it or not, in a way, all my photos are a bit self-portraits. I wish you a wonderful day, regards Mitza

  4. Mitza, your poem and roses at various stages of their life is very touching and reminds me that all of the beauty in nature and in our lives will become blemished and fade in time. It’s the natural state of all things and still we are saddened by the transition of cherished things or people in our lives from reality to memory. Thank you for sharing this rare gift of vision you possess.

    • Your comments and your blog are always wonderful, highly intelligent, serious and interested. You have a gift of empathy, you can sensitively feel what I want to show. It is really nice to know you a bit. I wish English was my mother tongue so that I could understand a lot of things better that you write. Have a wonderful week-end, regards Mitza

      • Thank you, Mitza! Your written English is perfect and I very much appreciate your effort to read my writing. Perhaps, we are both Empaths which translates all languages through our six senses. Have a wonderful weekend as well! 🌞

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