Mediterranean flowers, plants and seeds III

I still have so many photos from last year’s vacation in Kefalonia, Greece which I would like to show to my followers and other bloggers. These Mediterranean flowers, plants and seeds are very beautiful and sometimes have a wonderful smell. I’m quite familiar with our flora but I don’t know all these names. On our excursions through the wilderness we usually find very interesting flowers which we sometimes take to our garden. Hope you like these photos.

If you want to use my photos please ask for permission. Thanks.


26 thoughts on “Mediterranean flowers, plants and seeds III

    • Yes, the yellow balls are edible but don’t really taste that good. But they are very rare and nice to look at. Thanks for your comment and approval, have a nice week-end, virtual hugs, Mitza

    • I hope my photos sparkled on your tongue! I’m so in love with macro photography. Maybe I can transfer this feeling to you, thanks. I have been a beginner, too. Take a first step to become a little professional and let us see the results. Have a nice Sunday, regards Mitza

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I was hoping that somebody would know one of these plants. The Mediterranean flowers and plants are really very pretty. Have a nice day, regards Mitza

  1. Thank you Mitza for your eye, for your photos! You bring me with you into the mediterranean flora, that is my favorite vegetation area. Yes, also in Italy live some of the species that you portrait, but on the coast and in the south, where the climate is the same than Greece. Where I live, in Torino, in the north of Italy, there are many other species of plants typical of the continental climate. Thanks. Have a nice day! Paolo

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