Kefalonia – Greece X

On my work desk there are several note pads filled with hundreds of numbers from photos I want to blog. Here are some more photos from the island of Kefalonia. This time we made an excursion to the north, to Myrtos, Assos and Fiscardo which are all beautiful and overwhelming places. Being close to the Mediterranean is wonderful. I love the color of the sea, the sound of the waves coming ashore. It’s calming. I’m already looking forward to flying there again to all the nice people there.


52 thoughts on “Kefalonia – Greece X

    • I so empathise with that comment. I too live in a beautiful part of the world and yet on my own doorstep there are so many places I have not visited. I hope you visit Kefalonia one day. I would love to after seeing these photos!

      • Thanks a lot for your comment, Karen. I hope one day I will get some money from the Kefalonian tourist bureau, hehe, because so many people want to go there because of my photos. But that’s a compliment for my photos, too. Warm regards Mitza

      • Good to know that i’m not the only one 🙂 The funny thing is that traveling inside Greece is more expensive than if i visited another country in Europe. That’s the main reason why i haven’t been to many places. If i had the money i would surely do a tour of all the islands 🙂 Maybe one day we will…beauty exists all around us anyway we don’t need to go far 🙂 Have a nice day Karen.

    • Hi Alexandra, good to hear from you. Yes, Greece definitely is very beautiful and for you it’s so close. Maybe just try a week Kefalonia if you can. Wish you a nice week-end, regards Mitza

      • I know, that it’s so close 🙂 But it’s very expensive to go there, especially if you don’t have a car…At this moment i’m saving for my move to Austria, maybe when i get there and have a proper job i can save some money for a nice vacation in Greece and the islands 🙂

      • I didn’t know that. Of course petrol is much more expensive than it is here. I hope so much for you that you will succeed to get a job in Austria and maybe one day we will meet in Kefalonia, have a nice Sunday, warm regards Mitza

    • Thanks a lot for your kind words, Ellen. For me it is paradise. I’m waiting for your news and wish you a very nice and happy week-end, warmest regards Mitza

  1. I LOVE these photos and the deep cobalt blue of the sea and the little steps leading down to it and the boats there. What I was interested in as well was that there were no people in the shots. It looks as if you visited at the perfect time- no crowds and perfect weather. What time of year did you go?
    I think that blue sea will be the inspiration for some stunning jewellery soon!
    Thank you and best wishes,

    • Karen, the color of the sea is always stunning and seems to depend on the subsurface, if it’s bedrock or sand. We always go in September/October when most of the tourists are gone but it’s sill warm enough to swim. I always want to have photos without people, and therefore I wait until they are gone. Best wishes Mitza

  2. Great photos and thanks for the tip on keeping track of photo numbers to blog. Searching through them on the computer is a pain. I always remember the photo but not exactly where it is.

    • Thanks for your approval. I process my photos every day and write down the numbers under certain topics already. Then it’s easier to blog them. Have a nice week-end, regards Mitza

    • You are really lucky and I get a bit jealous reading this, because I have to wait a little more. Have fun, enjoy the beauties of my island, regards Mitza

      • I am lucky, Mitza, and your island is truly beautiful! I am really enjoying this land and I wonder if the people who live here see it’s beauty the way I do.

      • Unfortunately not because then they wouldn’t throw so much garbage into their beautiful sea and remote places. Everybody should take care to maintain this beauty also for their great-grandchildren…Have fun and enjoy the island, regards Mitza

  3. I was in Kefalonia when I was young with my parents and my brother. I remember Fiskardo, so is an emotion for me to see your beautiful photos. You spent many time during the year in Kefalonia? Kalinikta. Paolo.

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