Little visitors in our garden II

Continuing my post little visitors in our garden I tried to make some more photos of insects in our garden. Even though it’s quite warm here I didn’t find any butterflies. Most of the insects I saw for the first time and don’t know their names. Some where so tiny and seem to be huge by the macro shots. By the way, I use a very simple camera, a Sony Cybershot, which can go close up to 4 cm.


42 thoughts on “Little visitors in our garden II

  1. Oh, Mitza, these are just stunning!! They show such love and patience and are dazzling captures of these tiny, yet beautiful and powerful, creatures of God! I admire your work immensely. Best regards, Ellen

    • Thanks a lot, Ellen. We seem to admire each others works. Yes, it’s always astonishing what He has created. Have a nice Pentecost week-end, many warm regards Mitza

    • Karen, a nice word is like a summerday! You made a summerday for me today, thanks a lot, because it was raining a lot, windy and a bit cold. I will continue like this, regards Mitza

    • I would have a lot to do, if I would have to invite all the bugs, hehe. Usually you don’t find the same bugs in all countries. A lot of these I photographed I saw for the first time, maybe because of global warming? Thanks for your comment and have a nice day, regards Mitza

    • Isn’t it incredible how many plants, flowers and bugs you can have on 300 sqm? Nature has created such a beauty which overwhelms me every day anew. Thanks for your comment and have a nice day, regards Mitza

  2. Beautiful shots, Mitza! I especially like the moth in the middle with the striking pattern on its wings. The top beetle reminds me of our pest-the Japanese beetle-which devours roses and many other flowers, but yours is a bit different. Hopefully he’s not as hungry as our beetles!

    • Thanks for liking my posts and looking at them. I really have no idea about beetles, much more about Beatles, haha. We have so many roses, he can eat a bit, if he likes. I’m looking forward to some new sketches from you. Have a nice day, Karen, regards Mitza

  3. A nice variety of visitors 🙂 I know how much patience you need to capture macro photos, these are lovely! Well done Mitza 🙂 I hope you’ve been going well 🙂

    • Alexandra, sometimes comments get lost like this one. Thanks for your approval. We had fantastic weather this year and therefore I sometimes find bugs here that I never saw before. They are cute. I have a lot of patience and go to our garden several times a day to look for interesting things. I would like to have some time for painting again. Warm regards Mitza

    • Thanks a lot. We have so many different plants that attract a lot of insects. I’m missing butterflies even though it is hot enugh here. Have a nice week-end, regards Mitza

  4. Thank you for coming to read my work. While you’re visiting I’ve enjoyed very much your pictures of the islands and flowers not to mention the multicolor little visitors in your garden.

    • it was a real pleasure and I’m glad that you enjoyed my pictures of the island the the insects from my garden. There are still so many photos to come. I wish you a wonderful day, regards Mitza

    • Thanks a lot, Petra, for your approval. These visitors are so small that they could be overlooked. But with macro photos you can show them. Have a nice day, regards Mitza

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