Old doors II – Kefalonia Greece

For all the fans of old doors I got some more photos here from our excursions in Kefalonia/Greece. I love these beautiful pastel-colored signs of decay and the various patterns of the old decorative ironworks. Enjoy a little trip to the south of Europe where the sun is shining and it’s warm.


21 thoughts on “Old doors II – Kefalonia Greece

  1. These are terrific, Mitza!! So colorful and detailed and pleasing to the eye. I am a major fan of doors. Thanks so much for giving us a virtual tour of beautiful doors. Good compositions, too. Hugs, Ellen P.S. Very happy to get your email last night. Will reply soon. Thanks so much!

    • Thanks for your comment which is appreciated. I guess there are so many wonderful doors on this world, so you’ll probably find some in the place wherever you live. Have a nice day, regards Mitza

    • Thanks for commenting. I’m always looking for topics for new blogs and there are a lot of old door lovers in this world, because these old doors tell a lot of stories. Have a nice week-end, regards Mitza

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