Some days ago I made very tasty Greek food, gilthead seabream with Greek baked potatoes. Looking at the food I thought what beautiful texture the fish and the vegetables had and took my camera to photograph it. It’s good that you were not here because we all smelled of garlic like a whole oriental bazar, but on the other hand it was a pity you were not here, because it was very, very delicious.



22 thoughts on “texture

    • I have never lived in Greece, unfortunately, but spent a lot of holidays there and learned some Greek cooking there. Garlic and olive oil are the main ingredients which are very healthy. By the way, do you eat fish? Thanks for your email and photos. Looks so cozy and gemuetlich. Have some nice days in your barn, very warm regards Mitza

    • Thanks a lot for liking my art and this post about Greek food. Looking at the ingredients I thought that they all had different textures. I really love fish with their shiny scales and beautiful colors. So I took out my camera and accompanied my cooking. Have a nice day, regards Mitza

      • Mitza, I love your art!! 🙂
        ..and I think you’re very clever taking macros of the fish and veg… They’re beautiful! I do enjoy looking closer.

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