Mirror, mirror on the wall….

In our garden we have amongst others 3 red tulips. I tried many times to photograph them but was never really content with the results. Red is a difficult color to photograph and the tulips from outside were rather boring according to my opinion. I came a little closer when the sun was shining and saw that the wide open tulips had such beautiful colors and patterns inside. Finally I made these 3 photos and the tulips seem to ask: mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of us all?


36 thoughts on “Mirror, mirror on the wall….

  1. Great shots! Red is a hard color to photograph and I’m not sure why that is. I have one rose in particular, La Traviata, this a a stunning red rose and in al the years she has bloomed I’ve yet to get a good photo of one of her blooms. Hugs, Natalie 🙂

  2. Such gorgeous designs!!! I know about how hard it is to photograph red. I just did some red tulips and I had to put my camera on manual focus … the automatic would not focus. What I found amazing like you, were the designs I found inside. Great shots!!! I loved them!!! (((HUGS))) Amy

    • Thank you, Amy, I return your hugs virtually. I too find it amazing, what nature has created, and because it has been created in the golden ratio, it’s so beautiful. This is my “religion” to find beauty in nature. It makes me calm and humble, regards Mitza

      • Mitza, you reflect me. Nature (Mother) is where I walk with Spirit and become One with All. I merge with the Golden Ratio, for I too, am of the Golden Ratio … we all are. I walk in Paradise when I stroll through my gardens. How wonderful to know there is another who understands. With Love, Amy

      • Amy, your words really moved me because they speak a language of beauty, understanding, belief and intelligence. You are right, it’s wonderful to know that there are others who understand that a garden really is a paradise, may it be 300 sqm (like ours) or more. I know that we are all made in the golden ratio. I sometimes don’t feel like this, I prefer flowers. Virtual hugs, Mitza

      • “Know that every time you gaze at a gorgeous petal, you are looking at yourself in some way. For all around you is what you have created, and what the created has created as well.” Oh Mitz, you just assisted me in bringing forth one of my little sayings. Look out for it on my blog sometime this week to see what flower or flowers want to be joined with these words. This is magic. Truly without doubt. xx Amy

    • Thanks Pieter for your compliment. I sometimes cannot decide, if I paint, draw, make jewelry or photos, but photos are quickest. And you are right, I prefer flowers, even though I will try some texture soon. It’s good to find some nice people in wordpress like you. Best wishes, regards Mitza

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