We have some lovely primroses in our garden. They are a bit shy and some of them are really tiny, but with my macro setting I gave them a platform to make themselves out to be a little star for a day, a star for Easter. I wish all my blogger-friends a Happy Easter. Warm regards Mitza


19 thoughts on “Primroses

    • thank you Ellen, for your Easter wishes. I hope you had a nice Easter, too. We had been invited and I invited my mother for tea and cake and of course had to go to a fleamarket once and so these days passed quickly. Warm reards Mitza

    • Thank you Alexandra for your Easter wishes, which I would like to return. Easter in Greece is something special, isn’t it? What about your plans to emmigrate? Wish you good luck for all plans you have and greetings to Greece, regards Mitza

      • 🙂 Thank you Mitza. Easter celebration is a big deal here but i was never very fond of this holiday. I don’t really like to eat meat, so when everyone is eating lamb i end up eating only potatoes and salad…hehe… My plans have not changed, very kind of you to ask 🙂 I’m just having trouble to gather the needed money so i can leave. It’s not a lot but when i can’t get any job, it’s hard to put anything to the side. I’m staying optimistic and i believe that somehow i’ll manage to make it. In the meantime i keep myself very occupied editing my photos, watching photography and social media workshops online, trying to make the best of my time and to learn something as well 🙂 Many greetings to you as well! 😀

  1. Oh Mitzia, these photos are stunning! I am so sorry that I missed this post at the time. Life gets crazy sometimes and I am trying to catch up! I too posted an Easter message and photo of flowers and a bunny! It was sweet, I hope you found it.
    There is another photo of yours that I love- it is on your home page and is of a pink poppy, all frilly and curled up, just before it pops out of it’s hairy case- it is stunning too!

    • Thank you so much for your comment, Karen. I know how much work it is to edit all the posts from my followers because I have more than 700 now. If I missed your post, please excuse me. I’m happy that you liked my photos. Poppies are really stunning flowers. Wish you a nice day regards Mitza

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