To draw or not to draw

Some months ago I published a gallery with various kinds of poppies. Now I had time to draw one of the fotos, too. I usually use dark blue paper because I dislike white paper. It gives a very special mood to the colors I use (these are chalk pencils). I put the drawing into a frame with a black passe-partout. I decided to let the petals run out a little of the picture and cut the passe-partout accordingly. I think it’s quite a good idea. I show you the foto in comparison to my drawing, too and the pencils so that you can follow the completion of my drawing.


43 thoughts on “To draw or not to draw

  1. Lovely work! I like this very much. I had never thought of using blue paper rather than white, and the idea of letting the petals ‘spill’ over the border is inspiring!

    • Thanks, your compliment is appreciated. It depends on the colors you use. For my chalk pencils (and colored pencils) blue paper is suitable. I also like to draw on wrapping paper. White paper is so cold and discourages me. Regards Mitza

  2. Wow.. you are very talented! Great drawing Mitza!! And i guess with a good drawing, it adds a lot to the scene you’re displaying.. and with this flower i think the drawing might be better than the actual picture.. 🙂
    Well, better is a comparison unnecessary in this case! Just an amazing piece of art 😀


  3. I had to share this on my facebook. My timeline is choked with political opinions and snippets of little things from friends. I decided to see if I could elevate the noise to a more pure subject, your art. I hope you don’t mind. – Daniel

    • I hope your friends enjoy this painting on facebook and I hope I can give a little repose to you by my art, Daniel. I’m glad you like my blog. Regards Mitza

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