Hand made jewelry III

During the last months I didn’t really feel for making a lot of jewelry because it’s rather cold in my cellar . But at least a few pieces have been invented and created by me. I’m reading a lot of books about jewelry which give me inspiration to do things according to my taste. I never copy anything because there are enough ideas in my head. All of this jewelry has been made in 925 Sterling silver with various semi-precious stones. I treated the surface of silver by rolling it through a wheeling machine together with sieves or rough sandpaper. I want to know your opinion and your favorite pieces. Thanks for visiting my blog.


42 thoughts on “Hand made jewelry III

  1. Your pieces are quite lovely! I wear only my wedding ring and a watch, but admire jewelry such as these as pieces of art. Good work! ;->

    Virtual hugs,


  2. Schöne Sachen, wie immer. 🙂 Lieblingsstück – schwer zu sagen, vielleicht Nr. 3 mit den Blättern. Was ist das für ein interessanter Stein mit den runden Flecken?

    • Vielen Dank. Ich habe den Stein mal günstig in den Hamburger Messehallen gekauft, es soll ein versteinerter Sandstein sein. Irgendwie kommt die Farbe nicht so gut rüber bei dem Foto. Die Korallen sind so lachsfarben. schönes Wochenende, Gruß Mitza

    • Thanks for looking into my blog. The top green and purple was made out of beach glass I found in Kefalonia and a sugilite which I got from a girlfriend. Regards Mitza

  3. Lovely, lovely work-I was particularly taken with the beach glass and foam coral brooches-the colors and shapes really invite you to not only look, but touch-
    Thank you too for visiting Move the Chair-I appreciate you taking the time to look-I look forward to seeing more of your work!

    • Thank you so much, there are still some more fotos in the beginning of my blog, if you are interested to see. It was a pleasure visiting your blog. Have a nice day, regards Mitza

  4. I just dropped by to thank you for visiting and liking one of my posts and I am stunned by the beauty of your work! Your jewellery is AMAZING! And so very much your style and connected to your painting and love of nature. I have seen and bought a lot of jewellery in my life, but you have such a unique style. Love it, love it, LOVE IT!

    • Thank you so much for your wonderful approving comment. It’s really music to my ears! I can only express myself by art and I love to do it. I’m happy when others like what I do. Have a nice week-end, regards Mitza

    • Sometimes the semi-precious stones look a bit huge and then I like to let the jewellery look a bit more dainty by things that pop out. And that’s really my personal style. (Hope I found all the right English words for it) Regards Mitza

  5. I love your designs, choice of stones and colours. Sometimes I wonder at the size of the pieces, as the close up tend to make them look quite big though they might be dainty in real life.

  6. These were the first photos of your jewellery that I ever saw! I adore the dug sugilite brooch! The colours are amazing.I love the pearl earrings. And the chunky silver ring with the green stone

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