Kefalonia – Greece IX

Two days ago the little town Lixouri where we always stay has been struck by a devastating earth-quake of 6,1 magnitude. A lot of damage was done to streets, windows, walls and houses – some even collapsed. Fortunately, nobody died, only a few were injured. Our friends slept in their car because they even fear a more fierce earth-quake.

The following fotos are from a little excursion in September of last year to Argostoli, the main town of Kefalonia. Walking down the quay and looking at the colorful little fishing boats we suddenly remarked four huge (their body was at least one meter long) loggerhead turtles (caretta caretta). They always wait for the remnants of fish when the fishermen clean their nets. These beautiful and impressive animals have been quite common in Kefalonia and Zakynthos in former times and laid their eggs on the sandy beaches which now are filled with tourists. Mediterranean monk seals as well as loggerhead turtles are going to die out if nobody takes care. That would be a real pity.


21 thoughts on “Kefalonia – Greece IX

    • thanks a lot, Ellen. I hope to get some more information next week. They still expect some more earth-quakes. Animals are not really endangered because they can feel earth-quakes in advance. Thanks for your email. Will write to you soon. Have a nice day and be good to yourself. Warm regards Mitza

  1. Reblogged this on Whispers From Greece and commented:
    Beautiful pictures of Kefalonia Island. The island was recently struck by 3 very strong earthquakes within the same week and as I write this, are still experiencing aftershocks. There was a lot of damage, but thank goodness nobody was seriously hurt.

    • Thanks a lot for your compliment. The situation is very dangerous right now. 600 houses have collapsed, the streets are not drivable, the ferry doesn’t go, there’s no water and electricity and people sleep in cars, a few were injured, but nobody died. My thoughts are there for the moment.

  2. i enjoy your photos very much of kefalonia, I have been to Sami and Agia Effimia. teh earthquales are common on this island on my firstvisit, we missed the quake by a fw weeks, and at the ned of our stay, it was the opening Ceremony for Greek Olympics. The whole of Sami celebrated. I woudl very muc go back there for another vacation, either to agia effimia or sami.

    • It’s nice that you have been there, too. We have also had some earth quakes from time to time but they didn’t destroy anything. But this time about 600 houses were demolished and many other things. I hope you can come back sooner or later and have a safe trip.

  3. I am sad to read of Earthquake. Kefalonia is very beautiful. Your pictures are so lovely I have very much enjoyed looking at them. We hope to visit the island this Summer usually we go to beautiful Skiathos xx

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