Cats and dogs in Kefalonia II

It seems to me that most of the animals I photographed have sad faces because nobody cares for them, nobody feeds them or even strokes them. And still they are friendly, but some are very shy and timid, probably having made bad experiences. One day our friends went to the beach and found a carton with 4 little abandoned puppies. They took them home, kept one and gave the others to some friends where hopefully they are treated well.


37 thoughts on “Cats and dogs in Kefalonia II

  1. Pets can provide untold joy just by being your friend . . . and they ARE your friend – through thick and thin. I am tearing up thinking of all my past pets (a huge number!), and with the sadness that I do not have a pet now.

    • We have something in common. I had several cats and they gave so much joy to me and I still miss them so much and I’m sad, that I don’t have a pet right now. Regards Mitza

  2. I’ve had: Two St. Bernards (yes, at the same time!), two poodles (same time as the St. Bernards), a collie, a Dachshund, and always about six cats around. My son, as a kid and a teenager, had a 150-gallon saltwater fish tank, gerbils (of course!), mice, a hamster, a Guinea pig, and a snake. Yes, our very own zoo!

  3. I don’t think I can look at any animal and not see some level of sadness in their eyes, even in the eyes of those treated kindly and cared for. Maybe it’s a knowledge that not all of their fellow creatures are so loved? Beautiful photos.

    • thanks a lot, Sid. I have not remarked yet that all animals have some level of sadness in their eyes. Maybe a lot of people have that, too. Every being must at least have an imagination what sadness is. Let’s hope for a happy future. Regards Mitza

  4. Lucky for those who survive the elements but being a pet has its price. What an animal doesn’t want to roam around freely? Don’t get me wrong, I have two cats myself and I just can’t even bear the thought of losing them but somehow I feel sad for them because while they are well-fed they are stuck in our apartment.

  5. Just happened to look at this post again, Mitza, and was again struck by how adorable they all are and how very, very sad this is. This and thinking if the Russians poisoning stray dogs in the Olympic village and who knows where else! I wish there were something we could do. You do something good by informing the world on this. With your permission I will reblog– is it okay? P.S. Thanks for the email. I will reply soon.

    • I don’t want to break your heart but only want to awake people in Greece to treat their animals in a nicer way. Unfortunately, nobody could take care of all animals but let’s begin to help some poor animals close to us. Have a nice week-end, Yisraela, regards Mitza

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