Kefalonia – Greece – old doors I

In 1953 Kefalonia was struck by a devestating earthquake. A lot of houses collapsed because they had been built stone by stone. For this reason in the late 50ies the Kefalonians started to rebuild their houses. Ornamental blacksmiths had a high time and invented a lot of designs and patterns for doors, balconies and fences. On my excursions in Kefalonia I have regarded hundreds of doors and never found a pattern twice. This was really astonishing. I know many people like old doors like I do. For these bloggers I made this little gallery and hope you enjoy it.


31 thoughts on “Kefalonia – Greece – old doors I

      • You know I wanted to write you, Mitza, and have searched and searched for your email address but cannot find it. I did have it. Sorry I have not written much. Things got in the way. I hope you are okay. I was so saddened by your animal post but loved it. And loved that you did it. You really captured their suffering at being alone.

        How are you doing these days? It is frigid here, near 0 F. and lots of snow. What about in Germany?

        Please feel free to write if you wish. Would love to hear what is going on with you? A trip to Greece in the works?

        Warmest regards,

      • Thanks for your comments. I wish you a wonderful Easter. Do you celebrate it in the Greek way? That’s really wonderful, isn’t it? Regards Mitza

      • Yes… I do everything the Greek way as I have Greek family here to take care of 🙂 I have been here for many years (Corfu and now Athens) though I am originally from London. I love Pasxa and just about anything Greek (except the seismic activity and the politics) x

      • Good to know that you are from London. One of my favourite towns. Went there many times. Greeks and politics are a difficult topic. It took me many years to understand and cherish the Greek mentality. Now I must say that I have never met nicer and more hospitable people than in Greece. I feel at home in Kefalonia and look forward to my holidays. Regards Mitza

    • Thanks a lot for visiting and liking my “old door”fotos. I know that some people love old doors like I do. I specially like the decay of things because it has a melancholic beauty. Have a nice day, regards Mitza

    • Thanks a lot. That’s a real pity, but I know how it is when you don’t have so much time. I have so many followers and look at all their posts every day. Have a nice Sunday, regards Mitza

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