Peony III – flowers in macro

Here are the last fotos from my peony series. I wish it would be summer soon again. It’s so nice to look at flowers. How does our garden look now? Evrything is dead, only one Christmas rose and a laurestine are blooming. The daffodils and spring snowflakes are already starting to come out of the earth. Last week when I opened our garden-house I saw a little wren who was looking for shelter there. I’m waiting for spring like the little wren.


32 thoughts on “Peony III – flowers in macro

    • Hi Ellen, we are okay here, it’s quite warm, but how are you doing? I saw in tv how cold it is in the States and how much snow you have. Hope the weather changes soon and surely summer will come to you this year.Thanks for your approval, warm regards Mitza

    • Thank you for your approval. I don’t know exactly which photo you mean, but I don’t have anything against it. Let us see the result sooner or later. Did you see my drawing of the peony in my blog “to draw or not to draw”? Have a nice day, regards Mitza

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