Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

Whenever I go to the beach of Myrtos in Kefalonia I’m overwhelmed because it’s really grand. The bay is about 500 m long surrounded by mountains of some hundred meters height. The sea has such a unique aqua color that I have never seen anywhere else. The waves are grand, too, very powerful. It seems that He had a grand day when He created this place


25 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

  1. I love this photo and love this beach. We went there one night to watch sunset, there was no one around and when it was dark we took photos through the crystal clear water and in the dark with the flash the pebbles looked like beautiful mosaic. It was a beautiful peaceful night. By day it is just as special especially off season when you get it to yourself. People don’t believe the beautiful natural colours the sea makes, someone explained why it happens to me but I forget.

    • thanks for liking my foto. This beach is extraordinary but unfortunately has powerful waves and I’m not a good swimmer, therefore I prefer other beaches which are not so far from Lixouri. I can imagine how beautiful the beach was at the sunset you talk about. The color is really incredibly beautiful. I have made some other good fotos from Kefalonia in my blog. Have a nice week-end, regards Mitza

      • Yes, Petani beach is one of my favourites as we live not far away. I love the beach specially when there are no waves at all for swimming, but with waves for photographs. There are also photos from Petani in my blog. Have a nice Sunday, regards Mitza

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