Cats and dogs in Kefalonia I

Cats and dogs in Greece are a sensitive topic. Wherever we went it was a story of misery. Groups of wild dogs were straying through the streets, cats were sitting on/in dumpsters waiting for new garbage sacks hopefully filled with food leftovers. All these animals were very shy, scared, thin, badly nourished, sick, and looked miserable.

Dogs are still held on a leash for a lifetime to protect houses or gardens. Puppies are abandoned in a cardboard-box somewhere at the beach etc.  Cats not being castrated have too many kittens and they are thrown into the sea to drown and the whole story never ends.

Every time we go to Kefalonia we feed the cats around us. During my stay on this island I visited a nunnery. They also had some badly nourished cats with kittens there and a dog who was the only “male” around. When I said that the cats were very thin and looked sick, I got the answer that it would be the breed of cats.  I asked a nun why they didn’t like animals so much in Greece. It seems to be associated with the Greek Orthodox Church and their belief. The nun explained that only a being that can speak has got the divine breath. As animals don’t speak, they seem to be worthless. Even though my photos are a bit sad, they give a good impression of animals in Greece. By the way, there are a few people who love their animals and treat them well. I hope sooner or later they will all be treated better. With this blog I would like to memorialize these poor animals.


38 thoughts on “Cats and dogs in Kefalonia I

  1. I can’t image living that way. I am visited regularly by feral cats and I feed them daily. Yes, I get a little nervous about their numbers, however, whether through sensing my nervousness or maybe I’m just plain fortunate, I have never been overrun by them. Maybe that’s how they tip me for the food. 🙂

    • I’m a cat lover, too and the cat on my profile picture was a nice cat from Greece, too, called Carmilla. She came every morning for a little snack. I really miss her. regards

  2. So sad. We have stray dogs and kitties in my neighborhood (Loutraki) but luckily my neighbors love animals. We make sure the strays are well fed, vaccinated and loved.
    Your pictures are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

    • I’m so happy to hear that stray dogs and kitties are loved in your neighbourhood. Hopefully there are some people in Kefalonia that will take care of these poor stray cats and dogs. We will always feed the ones close to us. Regards Mitza

  3. we feed the strays, we had about 16 cats we were feeding at one point, there is no program to help and they just kept growing. We moved and do not have so many but we still have them. I love your photos!

  4. That little one with the different coloured eyes! Oh way too cute for this world! I think it’s so sad when animals are mistreated. Animals are far better than humans could ever dream of being in my opinion, they should be treated like gods, not some stupid imaginary man in the sky…. ugh. Rant over! Sorry 😀

    • You are so right to rant a bit. The old Egyptians adored cats as Gods because they saved the grain from mice. The Greeks should learn from this. I was always astonished how cute and nice these poor animals were even though they were not treated in a good way. Thanks for your comment, regards Mitza

  5. Just here in Kefalonia at the moment. Feeling heartbroken over the state of the animals here. We’re currently feeding three female cats and their three kittens twice a day but are concerned for their welfare once we go home. The cats didn’t even have clear access to water and were foraging in the bins for any scraps they could find. They are very beautiful in nature but the females are still incredibly thin. They are so grateful for the food we give them. I cannot understand how people cannot see that animals have feelings and deserve to be treated with respect and kindness. If we supposedly are the ‘superior beings’ on this planet then surely it is our responsibility to care for animals and anyone less fortunate than ourselves. If a religious standpoint suggests that animals are somehow unworthy of this care then that is no less than a despicable position.

    • You are completely right. It is our duty to take care of these animals and feed them or at least help that they don’t procreate. We also feed some cats whenever we are around. But what happens after we leave? I hope you can still enjoy your stay. Have a good time and thanks for taking care of these wonderful cats, regards Mitza

  6. The Greeks long ago when they were still wise had great philosophers and not like today. They have not only neglected or maybe discarded wisdom, but they have lost the feeling of love for animals.

    • Yes, you are completely right. When you are told that animals have no soul, what feelings do you have for them? It is more than sad what I saw this year, too. I nearly have no hope that things will change. Thanks for your comment. Have a nice day, regards Mitza

    • They don’t give a thought about anything, only very few people love their cats and dogs, but still they keep dogs on chains and don’t neuter cats, rather kill the kittens. I go there every year and sometimes I’m happy to see somebody that treats animals right but then I see a lot of very sad stories which I don’t understand and appreciate.

  7. cat’s life in greece is normally very short…one of our vets told us…
    she assists 4 free every vacation period she spend there…knowing it’s illegal…
    we think it’s proper…like flying doctors 4 animals (!)

    with a little “meow” from our paw crew… 😉

    • I’m such a cat-lover and I feel so sorry for all these cute animals that have no home, no food, nobody to caress them. Great that some people are helping. I can only feed the cats there. Thanks for commenting paw crew:)

  8. Thats why after one visit Greece is off my list until the situation is properly addressed. Who cares more about beaches and cheap booze than the misery of these poor creatures?

    • Yes, I know other people who ccouldn’t stand the misery of animals in Greece. But if you go to other countries in the South, you will see the same. Slowly people start to treat animals better, about which I’m very happy. Thanks for commenting, regards Mitza

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