Kefalonia – Greece VII

One day we decided to scramble a very remote, narrow and steep animal trail down to the sea which was only used by goats and sheep. It was difficult and dangerous to walk but the view we found compensated us for all the efforts. It was just overwhelming! How I love this extraordinary aqua color of the sea. Come with me for a walk down to the Mediterranean.


26 thoughts on “Kefalonia – Greece VII

  1. It makes me happy that you post photos of my cute little island! 🙂 Kefalonia is very beautiful! It is an island that has fantastic beaches, as well as mountains and it hosts many geological phenomena such as the Melissani Lake and Droggarati Cave. The say that the waters of Melissani lake flow under the island and reach the sea outside Argostoli. Beautiful photos!

    • I didn’t know it was your island. As my father was born there, I know quite a lot about it and I’m every year overwhelmed by it’s beauty and the friendlyness of it’s inhabitants. I know Droggarati and Melissani and these geological phenomena. Were you born there? Regards Mitza

    • I don’t think Greek food is bizarre, it’s rather healthy, lots of vegetables and olive oil. And it’s not bizarre to eat goats and sheep. They have tasty meat because they munch only wild herbs and are not growing quickly like pigs and cows here and they are only eaten for special occasions because it’s quite expensive Regards Mitza

    • thanks a lot for your like. I don’t want to color you envious. Colors in the Mediterranean are somehow more intense. I love this, too. I’m happy you like Greek food, too. Regards Mitza

  2. You have done amazing work,my dear ! Well-selected photo series showing off the beauties of the island and the local colour !!! I have visited the island again and again and still there is so much more to see there.It’s like a good book that you have to re-read in order to find the real essence.

    • Thanks a lot for your compliment. We have been there for nearly 30 years and for sure there is so much more to see, otherwise I couldn’t make any more fotos. There are still some fotos to come in my blog. Nice to find somebody who knows it, too. Have a nice day, regards Mitza

    • Hi, good to find some other Kefalonia-fans. I would like to hire a boat but we usually have a little appartment. But also by making excursions we found some fantastic views. I can’t get enough of this island, too, but maybe because I’m half Kefalonian. Regards Mitza

      • We usually hire from Agia Efimia for a day and explore the coastal area around there it’s beautiful. A great way to enjoy the island. Walking is good too though, it’s so beautiful, around every corner is a another treat I take thousands of photos when I’m there.

      • I know Agia Efimia, too. We usually are on the left part of Kefalonia down to the very South up to the very North. I think, I know every tree all over. Must take more looks to the right side this year but it’s always far to drive. I make hundreds of photos, too every year. There are so many beautiful views. Regards Mitza

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