Kefalonia – Greece V

Here are some more photos from our excursions in Kefalonia. This island has a lot of different landscapes, sometimes very green with mostly olive trees and cypresses or pines etc., sometimes you only find shrubs and bushes. I like remote places best of all where birds are singing and it’s quiet. I also love old houses, particularly their decay which has such beautiful colors and a little melancholic atmosphere. Follow me to some villages and peaceful places.


25 thoughts on “Kefalonia – Greece V

    • Hi Randomrose, I’m very happy that I found somebody in the world who likes my photos, loves old buildings, sea and creatures and that I can bring joy to your morning. By the way, I’m a little younger than you are but have nearly the same haircut and grey hair. Have a nice week-end, regards Mitza

    • Thanks, Ellen. The lizard was kind enough to stay in such a wonderful pose until I photographed it. I was really thankful because they always run away quickly. Regards Mitza

    • thanks, Agnes. I visited this house again this year, it has nearly collapsed from the earthquake last year. I’m happy that you like old houses and doors, too. Do you have a lot in Ireland? Would be nice to see. :)))

      • Yes we have real old doors and cottages in Ireland, so far I have not documented them, but I am mindful that you would like to see some of these and hope to blog about them some day soon 🙂 I will dig up one really nice cottage or cowshed actually that I photographed some years ago, will do that soon too.

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