Kefalonia – Greece – IV

I’ve been in Kefalonia, Greece, for a month and my camera has been my daily companion. I’ve seen a lot of beauty, but sometimes it was really hard for me to photograph this beauty without all the debris people throw into the most gorgeous and remote places.

The misery of cats and dogs in Greece has sometimes moved me to tears. Why are they still shooting their rare birds?

Whenever we had time to make excursions to some villages or remote places we found very nice, hospitable, generous and helpful people and wonderful, sometimes even overwhelming sights.

I dedicate my photos to all these people we have met in Kefalonia. Thank you and see you. Mitza


19 thoughts on “Kefalonia – Greece – IV

    • Thanks for your comment. Environmental protection is surely due to some education. The Greek orthodox church thinks that only creatures that can speak are devine. What a pity. But I’m happy you enjoyed seeing Kefalonia through my pictures. Warm regards Mitza

    • It really is inviting, specially the Mediterranean sea and it can get hot in summer. But this year in September/ October it was a bit cooler than usual and we had some tempests and heavy rains after 6 months without any rain and suddenly all the flowers came up. Regards Mitza

  1. I can see why you didn’t want to come back. Beautiful shots. Will look at others on your blog. Sorry I haven’t been reading posts or commenting except very little. Taking a much needed break from WP and looking for jobs for my husband. Still I think of you, Mitza, and send my warmest regards,

    • Hi Ellen, that’s really nice to hear from you. Sometimes one needs a break, me too. WP is a lot of work. Hope you find a job for your soulmate. I’m happy you still think of me. I’ll post some more photos from Kefalonia in the coming weeks. Warmest regards from very stormy Germany, Mitza

  2. How wonderful to come across some of your lovely photos of your visit to Kefalonia Mitza, such beauty! I was surprised to hear that there is still shooting of birds there, a pity as some birds are becoming scarce. Warm greetings from Agnes.

    • Yes, Agnes, unfortunately people don’t take care about their own beautiful nature. They have really wonderful birds but they are so timid, you cannot get close to them. I’m happy you liked my post and hope it gave you a little warm sunny feeling, warm greetings, Mitza

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