Kefalonia – Greece II

I still have some photos from Kefalonia from the last years. We usually go for a walk shortly before the sun falls into the sea. Everything is dipped in gold, the mountains, the sea, the rocks, the fields etc. and the lark is singing it’s last song before the night is covering everything in a black veil. It is quite a melancholic mood but I like this a lot. I am sometimes overwhelmed when I look up into the sky because it seems to be painted in watercolors and goes from yellow to orange and purple. The air is so warm and soft like a velvet cape and filled with the scent of jasmin and oleander. I hope you can get a little of this feeling through my photos.


10 thoughts on “Kefalonia – Greece II

  1. I always told my husband there were things about Costa Rica that reminded me of Greece. The landscape in so many photos is so similar. I live your beautiful photos. I have a secret desire to visit there someday.

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