La vie en rose III

I’m not finished yet with my rose topic. All these photos were made in June and July, partly after the rain.

I tried myself on a little Haiku-poem:
To sip away
the dew of love
from the petal of a rose
must be heavenly
– beyond words
Enjoy these beautiful flowers


18 thoughts on “La vie en rose III

  1. Great poem and photos! 🙂
    Here’s another excellent poem concerning roses – by Emily Dickinson – that is indicative of her not being fond of mere tradition. (This poem is one of her poems within my book).

    from Emily Dickinson:

    IF she had been the Mistletoe
    And I had been the Rose,
    How gay upon your table
    My velvet life to Close!

    Since I am of the Druid,
    And she is of the dew,
    I’ll deck Tradition’s buttonhole,
    And send the Rose to you.

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