La vie en rose II

The rose as a symbol of light and dark aspects and contradictions of life has not lost its importance. It stands for perfection, grace, joy of living as well as for divine and earthly love, but also for blood and decay. It’s also a symbol for eternal wisdom and secrecy; it’s the flower of virginity, prostitution and vice. The rose is so fascinating because of its ambivalence between love and pain. For me it is a very sensuous, seductive and tempting flower, and I hope you like my new post.


22 thoughts on “La vie en rose II

  1. Spectacular, Mitza. I miss having roses in the garden, and haven’t visited the nearby city park that has a big, well kept rose garden. Somehow, I like the buds in yours photos the most. Such detail in those shots.

    • Thanks a lot, Sid. Maybe you don’t have the suitable soil for roses in your garden. I’m sometimes astonished myself what details this cheap camera produces. Regards Mitza

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