La vie en rose I

The oldest images of roses are 4000 years old and were found on antique Sumerian clay tablets. Persia was the original country of roses. In Islam, the rose is a holy symbol, because it is said that it originates from a drop of Mohammed’s sweat. In Greek mythology roses originate from the blood of the Goddesses of fertility and love and were dedicated to them. The Romans saw the rose as pure luxury. The old Roman Emperors spent millions of sesterces on rose petals for their excessive banquets. It happened that people were suffocating under the mass of these petals…
That’s just a little history for interested people.


24 thoughts on “La vie en rose I

    • That’s nice that you feel this way. I wanted to continue with roses and was afraid people would get tired. So I took some insects first. But I like to show my flowers from the beginning to the end. Regards Mitza

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