Poppy – an ambiguous flower II

As I told you in my last blog, poppy is also a symbol for decay. Here you can see my favorite white poppy slowly decaying impressively with so much dignity, beauty, tenderness and longing.
Some time ago I read a nice fairy-tale: A Chinese emperor once asked his nation to tell him the one and only true sentence. He would reward this person with a lot of golden coins. Many people came and told him sentences, but he always shook his head and was not satisfied. Many years later a very old woman knocked at the door of his castle. She was led to the emperor and said to him: Your Highness, the only true sentence is: everything will decay. Yes, he answered, you are right, and he rewarded her with a whole bag full of golden coins.


24 thoughts on “Poppy – an ambiguous flower II

    • Thanks a lot, Mick for your nice words. I really appreciate some compliments and I’m happy you have found a favourite. Have a nice week-end, regards Mitza

    • My most important topic is decay and I see so much beauty in it. Did you post these tulips, too? I would love to see them. Have a nice creative week-end, here it’s too hot to even think about anything. Regards Mitza

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