Our garden II and visitors

In the last 3 years I have made about 4000 photos, mostly of flowers in our garden. I am very happy to share these with other bloggers which are interested. I am really thankful for all your “likes”, comments and good advices.

Today some more impressions of our garden.


46 thoughts on “Our garden II and visitors

  1. Thanks for liking my latest post of pictures from my garden…love the hedgehog! My godmother collects stuffed hedgehogs so I am partial to the little creatures. I’m also jealous of your garden, the green shows that you get more rain and lower temps than we do…nice.

    • What a crazy hobby to collect stuffed hedgehogs! I don’t know where you live, but we in northern Germany have a lot of rain, sometimes too much and it’s a bit cold. But right now we have a heat-wave of about 30-40 degrees. Regards Mitza

  2. Well, she is a bit crazy…but in a good way. I am familiar with the weather in Germany, and I have heard that you are experiencing a unusually hot one this year. Your garden seems to be surviving nicely though.

  3. My son in Florida has a pet hedgehog. It found its way into his back yard, and his Dachshunds were giving chase. He named it “Ron”, and he has quite a nice habitat all of his own now.

    • Thanks a lot for your comment. I have read in a newspaper that hedgehogs can be fed with cat-food and never should get milk. As you can see the hedgehog really enjoyed his meal. I’m happy you found me through the blog Fur one Fur all. Regards Mitza

  4. I have a hedgehog as part of my “concrete menagerie” in my own Virginia garden. She does not require cat food but is not as elegant as yours. Your photos are really beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. I love your blog Mitza. Wonderful photographs and I love people who have an eye for detail. Particularly love the sexy flower shots. Thanks for like. Early days on that blog but hopefully better to come soon.

    • Hi Nicky, thanks for liking my blog. I do think that I have an eye for details and that’s really fun to find. I hope your blog will continue beautifully. Have a nice day, regards Mitza

    • Thanks for your approval. Hedgehogs are quite common here but they hide a bit. Sometimes you can hear them smacking in the evening. They don’t have good manners, hehe

  6. Fantastic ! ´◡` I love your photos and your garden ~ Reminds me so much of my grandma’s back in the 80’s. She used to have a little haven of her own just like this, too…

    • Oh, that’s nice to hear that your grandma had such a nostalgic garden, too. I have to go there every day several times to relax and to calm down. Every day it is changing and you see a lot of little visitors. Thanks for your nice comment, regards Mitza

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