Our garden – owners and visitors I

Until now you could see a lot of macro photos from all the flowers we have in our garden. Now I would like to show you the garden itself and some of the guests (squirrels, bees, flies etc.) we have there. First of all, for 18 years our cat was the owner of the garden. She was a very beautiful Norwegian Forest Cat we once got as a present in Sweden and took down to us. Unfortunately, last year she died. We will always remember her soft fur, her purrs, her big soft paws, her intelligence, her funny freak-outs,  even her pranks. Bye bye “Moutsee”.


25 thoughts on “Our garden – owners and visitors I

    • thanks for your comment. Everything that is being born must go sometime. That’s normal. Our garden is a place to calm down and we all love it a lot. Regards Mitza

    • thanks a lot for your comment and approval, Sid. It’s just luck to catch a butterfly on a photo. The cat on my profile picture is a cat from Greece which is called Carmilla.

    • thanks a lot for your comment. Moutsee had 18 wonderful years with us in her garden and she really thought she was the owner. We are still very sad and miss her so much. She was specially intelligent and funny. Regards Mitza

  1. We think a lot of Moutsee, miss her soft fur and purrs even the little pranks she did sometimes. I’m happy you liked the snails and the squirrel. Your blog is always very interesting and is a source of inspiration for me. Keep up the good work and have a nice week-end, regards Mitza

  2. Awww, so sorry for the loss of your beautiful cat. My cat Georgie is nearly 20 and I can’t bear the thought of life without her. I can see your gorgeous Moutsee had a happy life in your lovely garden. Regards, Sue

    • Hi Sue, you can be happy to have your cat still. We miss Moutsee every day and as she was so specially intelligent and funny we don’t dare to have another one. Enjoy every day with Georgie. I hope you still have some years, regards Mitza

    • Thanks a lot for visiting my blog. When you have a cat for 18 years it’s part of your family and we still think about it a lot, always smiling about the cute little things it made. Regards Mitza

      • I empathize completely, we have lost a few companions over the years, canine not feline, but the loss is still there; thank goodness for memories and photos. 😀

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