flowers in macro IV

And now you can see some rose and pink flowers of spring in our garden


19 thoughts on “flowers in macro IV

  1. The Hellabores looks so beautiful in the glass dish in the first image.
    They’re so hard to photograph in the garden as you have to get down so low to view underneath their flower heads.

    • Yes, you are right, and therefore I put them in the old Art Nouveau glass dish and afterwards on the bed table of my husband because he planted them. Thanks for your comment, regards Mitza

    • Thanks for your approval. This plant you once got from your grandmother is called lungwort or spotted dog, in Latin “pulmonaria officinalis”. Hope I could help you.
      Regards Mitza

    • thanks a lot for your compliment. It was a pleasure to visit your blog, seeing that we have something in common, the love for nature and flowers, regards Mitza

    • Dear Barbara, no we don’t have another name like the ones you wrote. It is always best to call a flower by it’s Latin name (helebore) because this describes every flower exactly. Have a nice week-end, regards Mitza

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