flowers in macro II

Looking at all the photos of flowers I have made, I get the impression that they all have different characters. They can be arrogant, humble, cheeky, yearning, lovely, cute, innocent, attractive, longing, curious, soft, dear, beautiful, overwhelming, sweet, precious, floating, swaying, dancing, sensible, timid, seductive, secret, stunning, ravishing, tender and flaming. It took me quite a while to find all these attributes and to translate them.

Creation has yielded a lot of beauty, for me it’s divine. The roof of my “church” is the sky. In nature I find contemplation, silence, peace, divinity, beauty.

A wise old man once explained to me that nature has been created in the golden ratio. Everything created in the golden ratio is considered to be beautiful by all of us. Did you ever think about it? Would be nice to get some reactions from other bloggers.

All the spring flowers I  took pictures of, are assorted by colours, starting with white



6 thoughts on “flowers in macro II

    • you are completely right. You can find the golden ratio also in music, architecture, paintings, photos, whatsoever. It’s really interesting to learn about it. It helps to make good photos, too. Have a nice day, regards, Mitza

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